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Our services – covering every aspect of human factors training

Applied Research

Analysis of aspects of the performance process, e.g. task strategies of high-performers in complex work fileds. Investigation of performance shaping factors, e.g. fatigue in work settings and effects on performance. Development and testing of advanced training approaches e.g. to enhance "mental models" for high adaptivity to unexpected situations. Conception of training for specific skills in simulators and evaluation of the training effectiveness.

Organisational Diagnosis

Various tools for organizational diagnosis for the purpose of occurence analysis (e.g. Root Cause Analysis), audits and assessments of work practices (e.g. safety culture survey). Implementation of tools for organisational learning (e.g.Critical Incident Reporting). Development of proactive systems for "Normal Operation Monitoring" of work processes and outcomes for risk assessment and prevention.

Education and Skill Training in Human Factors

Scientifically-grounded education program with all relevant topics about Human Factors and Crew Resource Management according to JAR OPS / EU OPS. Participants work on potential applications of Human Factors to their workfields. Practical training of cognitive and collaborative skills for effective threat and error management such as situation awareness, decision making, leadership and communication. E.g. communication training for operating theater teams.

Consulting and Organizational Development

Data collection and analysis to enhance decision-making and management of resources in a targeted way to solve operational problems. Design and testing of human-centred solutions.

Training Conception

Tailor-made training concepts to maintain and improve the level of performance. E.g. recurrent CRM training for pilots, flight attendants etc.; rater training for inspectors, observers, quality assessors and auditors.